Nord Matstudio

Nord Matstudio

The Food & Beverage concepts of Wood Hotel Bodø have been developed by the culinary minds at Nord Matstudio. They are a food studio, founded by three talented individuals from northern Norway - Christian André Pettersen, Rasmus Johnsen Skoglund and Simon Normann Engen.

After having experienced their own culinary journey through restaurants, catering, competitions and concept development, they have now joined forces and established an forward-thinking culinary studio in Stavanger.

With nature as their inspiration, they have crafted a culinary concept that mirrors our surroundings. Join us on a delicious journey through the untamed beauty of northern Norway.



Christian André Pettersen is an outstanding chef with an outstanding track record. He is Norway's most decorated competition chef and can boast having won the prestigious title of European Bocuse d'Or Champion – twice. 

Through his countless competitions, he has built up an impressive skill in conceptual thinking, creation of unique dishes and the ability to find innovative solutions.


Rasmus Johnsen Skoglund is an experienced chef who has moved seamlessly between cooking competitions, fine dining, bistros and concept development. He has, among many prizes, won bronze in Chef of the Year. 

In the most recent years before Nord Matstudio, he dedicated himself as Food and Concept Manager for a big restaurant group with restaurants located all over Norway.


Simon Normann Engen has a career that has taken him from apprentice to Group Kitchen Manager with responsibility for seven different catering concepts. He has extensive experience in the day-to-day operation of restaurants, preparation of menus, establishment of new concepts and start-up of restaurants. He has worked with popular concepts of different genres and possesses a deep market insight.

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